BQE CORE pricing isn't "one size fits all". You can customize CORE to the needs of your business. For example, Time and Expense subscriptions start at $7.95/user* while Accounting subscriptions are $22.95/user*. Request a quote and we'll get back to you in a snap!

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Primary User

Manage other users, projects, & security permissions. Allocate resources, access business intelligence, generate reports & more.

Time & Expense

Simplify time & expense tracking for your entire staff with tools like multiple timers, auto-populating timecards & receipt scanning.


Staff handling invoicing, payments, AR & other billing-related activities can reduce their workload with automations and templates.


Access and manage all of your firm's financial data, easily generate reports, and see the profitability of each project in fine detail.


Streamline HR with tools that automate admin tasks, digitally store vital paperwork, track benefits, and manage employee PTO.

*$7.95 and $22.95 price is per user/month on a 5-year plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does role-based pricing work?

Role-based pricing means that you pay per module depending on each employee's needs. Some of your staff only need to enter time and expenses, while others must handle accounting or billing. Role-based pricing lets you get exactly what each of these team members requires without paying for anything they won't use.

Can you limit access to features within the subscriptions?

Yes, it's simple for the account administrator to restrict access to different features and types of information.

Does the Time & Expense subscription have access to contacts?

No, access to view or create contacts requires a Manager subscription.

Which subscription includes the QuickBooks Online and MYOB AccountRight integrations?

Integrations are handled through the Manager subscription.

If I select annual subscriptions for most of my staff, what can I do if I need to add on interns, consultants, or other seasonal staff?

With CORE's pricing, it's easy to accommodate shifting staff numbers. You can simply purchase additional monthly subscriptions for those users who won't be at your business for too long.

Does the Accounting package include all of the other modules? Or, is there any other package that offers all the roles in one?

No, the Accounting package only comprises accounting-specific features. For example, if a given user on your team needs both accounting capabilities and time and expense tracking, you'll need to purchase these two different subscription packages for them.

The same applies to the Manager and Billing packages. So, for example, if you're a project manager, you'll likely need to purchase both the Time & Expense subscription as well as the Manager one. There currently isn't a package that offers all roles in one.